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Aendicus Launch

September 25, 2010

The Philippine Board of Anesthesiology launched the beta testing of Aendicus: Anesthesia Digital Census System. Select residents and training officers will be able to beta-test the automated and online system that will replace the Trainee's Logbook. For more details, please log on to: www.pba-ph.org.

Upcoming Aendicus Client Update

October 18, 2010

A new update to the Aendicus Client is about to be released in a few days. The upcoming release will include the following:
  • Resident trainee account activation
  • Improved password encryption
  • Aendicus launcher update
  • Aendicus FTP client update
  • Recording of monitors used during the operation
  • Recording of muscle relaxant reversal
  • Blood loss and replacement
  • Blood products used
Meanwhile, logging in to the current Aendicus release as of September 25, 2010 shall be unavailable due to the recent Aendicus Client and Server update rendering the recent encryption method incompatible with the currently deployed server encryption.

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